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Refurbished Printers

Our full line of refurbished printers includes a diverse array of high-quality machines that meet the needs of your business. Choose from laser and color laser units, in addition to plotters that have been refurbished to meet high-capacity production demands.

 All printers in our inventory are designed to enhance productivity, with features like high-resolution, multifunction capabilities, and duplex printing common in new systems. For some devices, state-of-the-art features like automatic document feeders and network connectivity are integrated. High-capacity paper trays, color or black and white printing, and internal memory are also found in our refurbished printers.

 Printing speeds of eight pages-per-minute will keep the pace for modest production demands, while some printers support an output of up to 40 pages-per-minute (in black) or more. The original performance specifications of each device are restored, as we repair, test, and re-test every one before adding it to our inventory.

 A Sure Bargain for any Business

 You can find refurbished printers in our inventory with features comparable to new systems. In fact, some may be available as a previously cancelled or returned order. If necessary, printers will be fit with new hardware, ink cartridges, and updated software to be up to par for any small business, corporate setting, or home office environment.

 Cost savings versus optimal performance is guaranteed with our refurbished printing systems. If you don’t require the highest speeds available, a previously released model may be just enough to match your production pace. There are hundreds of printers in our refurbished inventory, so feel free to browse and find the best price and performance value for your business.

 All of our systems output crisp, high-quality text, graphics, and images, and we offer the largest inventory of refurbished printers in the nation. The experienced staff of consultants and technicians at The Printer Depo can talk through your needs to determine which product best fits your requirements and price range.