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Refurbished Wide Format Laser Printers

Not all printers or printing jobs are created equal, which is why The Printer Depo carries an extensive selection of wide format laser printers and large format laser printers to meet all of your business and personal needs. These printers can come in handy in a setting where you constantly find yourself with printing products that fall outside of the confines of traditional pages; or when you need a little flexibility with the dimensions of your printing options. Whether you need to create banners, flyers or a document that always seems to extend just a little too far off the page, turn to The Printer Depo to help you find the perfect product to make that output a reality. Your business or home office should only be limited by the reach of your ideas, not held back by the margins set by traditional laser printers.

The Printer Depo offers a variety of wide format color laser printers and large format color laser printers from some of the most trusted brands in the business including HP and Lexmark printers. The well trained and certified staff at The Printer Depot can help you determine which product and price point fall within the needs of both your company’s printing requirements and budget limitations. We can help you find reasonably priced refurbished laser printers for your small business or talk you through the features of the latest and greatest color laser printer model when you’re ready to take advantage of the newest technology on the market.

The Printer Depo offers an extended warranty on many of our new and refurbished printer models to ensure that your wide format or large format color laser printer remains a valued asset of your business for the entire lifetime of the printer. We have service technicians on hand who are trained to deal with any of the issues that may arise and can keep you printing all of the uniquely-sized posters, banners or projects that your staff could dream up. When your business is ready to invest in a large format laser printer or wide format laser printer, trust The Printer Depo as your source for providing an excellent product at a reasonable price combined with support and service for as long as your business requires.