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Refurbished Digital Senders

Is your office buried in paperwork? Do you wish there was a way to cut down on the space that crowded filing cabinets and stacks of important documents occupy? A digital sender or scanner might be just the solution your business or home office is looking for. These safe, convenient machines can provide simple data scanning and storage that can be saved, tracked and searched much more easily and efficiently than most paper filing systems. Give your printer a rest and let your information exist electronically in order to save your business time, paper and storage space.

The Printer Depo offers a variety of digital senders that allow for simple scanning of documents complete with easy to use buttons that let you tell them exactly where in the workflow to send your information. These products come equipped with character recognition features that go beyond just scanning an image into your computer. A digital sender recognizes the information printed on your sheet of paper and translates it into digital data that can be edited, emailed or saved. Digital senders can also be helpful in archiving older documents that were necessary before embracing the growing trend of paperless offices. 

These products come priced to fit any business model with a wide range of brands and services that may be right for you depending on how much information you need to input and how many different ways you need to use it. The expert staff at The Printer Depo can talk you through the benefits of adding a digital sender to your collection of business or home office equipment and make sure that you choose the product that best fits your needs.

To ease any hesitation associated with investing in a new piece of office equipment, The Printer Depo also offers an array of warrantee options to ensure that your digital sender continues to work as hard for your office as any other member of your staff would. Our certified technicians can provide support and service whenever the need arises with professional, courteous and well-trained expertise in all of your office product needs. Take a look at the products listed and then start planning what to do with all the extra space your office will save on storing paper products.

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