Remanufacturing Process – The Printer Depot

Remanufacturing Process

Each and every single printer is tested and physically inspected before being dismantled for the remanufacturing process. We narrow down the best quality of units by inspecting the event log, page count, and overall wear. Once the first technician in the process approves the quality of the printer it is then dismantled and cleaned.

1. Aesthetic Panels are then Resurfaced & painted or replaced to insure like new appearance and continuity.

2. The frame & paper path is thoroughly cleaned with compressed air and vacuums.

3. Pick Up rollers, Feed Rollers, Transfer Rollers, Transfer Belts, Fusing Units, Solenoids, Separation Pads, and ADF Kits are then replaced when applicable.

4. All Digital & Analog Connections are tested.

5. All Trays and Accessories are tested.

6. Firmware is then updated to the last known reliable update from the original manufacture.

7. "Engine Cycles" are set to "0"

"Maintenance Kit Life" has been set to "100%"

"Transfer Belt/Kit Life" has been set to "100%"

8. Final clean test pages are printed and are provided with the printer.

9. "Configuration Page" with serial number is printed and provided on the outside of the box for easy identification upon arrival.

10. Printer is professionally boxed and or palletized according to the transport carriers safety recommendations.